Who doesn’t like to get their photos flooded with comments? Everyone wants huge following on Instagram who regularly likes their content and comment on it before even making an Instagram account. In the modern era, you can buy genuine Instagram followers and get a good healthy following in a couple of days.

So what can you do so that all those followers you bought from a service provider continuously engage with your awesome content?

If you don’t know the answer to the above question than stick around with me till the end because in this article I’m going to share with you some of the top strategies that will bombard you IG account with comments.
If you post your content on Instagram on peak hours chances are your content will be picked up by Insta’s algorithm and can be shown to more people who can help you attract more comments on your posts.

On social platforms, your timing and consistency play a huge role in getting engagement with the content you post. If you are busy with a job or handling a business and couldn’t dedicate your time posting on peak hours, you can buy a social media scheduling tool. The tool will help you post on Instagram at peak times to get the highest number of comments on your post.
There is a specific type of content with which your followers will be hooked up. Like you can ask some questions or ask them to tag a certain number of people in a post. This way you’ll 3-4x your engagement rates including likes comments and shares.

Moreover, if you get an initial boost of engagement on the post chances are the post might end up coming on the explore page and bang on you’ll start getting engagement than your actual follower count. You can post a short video and ask your followers to give their opinion on the video. This way you are giving your followers a chance to put their opinion in front of everyone.

This is one of the best ways to attract more comments on all your future posts. Let me tell you why. If someone comments on your post and the moment you reply to their comment they’d be happy to comment on your post again because now they know that you read their comments frequently and also respond to it. This way people will always comment on all your post hoping to get a reply back from you. Remember if your posts are attracting more number of likes and comments on every photo/video you share there are high chances of your post getting viral on the explore page.

Give your followers a subtle reason to comment. Post an image that directly asks them a question. Like for example, an image of A vs. B to answer them which one is looking great and why. You can also ask them what type of content they’d like to see from you in the near future.

I know buying Instagram likes is good, but it’s tough to make those followers engage with your content consistently. That’s when you can use the strategies which I have mentioned above to skyrocket your engagement level on every photo you post on Instagram. The more engagement you get, the more you can flaunt in front of brands showcasing your overall engagement rate. Brands will only pay you high if you have an engaging audience that follows what you post.